5 Free Easy Do It Yourself Home Improvements Ideas on a Budget

  • Trying to do home improvement on a budget?
  • The team at Diligent Developments have put together an easy do it yourself guide to help you get from where you are and where you want to be.
  • Are you ready to get started?

Whether it’s sprucing up the front door and landscaping to add curb appeal or adding some personal touches on the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, or extending out to a backyard patio, trying to do home improvement, even on a budget, can actually add value to your home.

The team at Diligent Developments have put together an easy guide with cool, easy do it yourself home improvements hacks to help you get from where you are and where you want to be.

Are you ready to get started? Following are 5 free easy do it yourself home improvements ideas on a budget that include giving your home curb appeal, adding some special touches to the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom, focusing on lighting, extending your home to the backyard, and creating more storage space.

Add Curb Appeal

Brighten up Your Front Door

If you can’t afford to replace all of your home’s doors, consider upgrading only the front entryway.

A brand new door isn’t always feasible. If that’s the case, it’s amazing how far a new coat of paint will go in freshening up the look of your entire house.

If your door is made of wood, strip it down and refinish it. If it is made of steel or other materials, there are plenty of options for painting or covering it to look like wood.

Don’t forget to update the hardware. A new shiny brass door handle adds a lot of beauty to make even an old door look brand new.

Landscaping Adds Value

Spruce up your front yard to give it curb appeal with these cool home improvement ideas. Replacing old, overgrown or dying trees and bushes with new landscaping does wonders for the look of your home to make it more inviting.

When selecting flowers, choose perennials that don’t have to be replanted each season. They will come back each spring with new, fresh beauty saving you the need to replant every year. Reseed the entire yard if you like, and patch or reseal any cracks in your driveway and front walk.

Also, consider lining walkways with solar garden lights to brighten up the pathways. Since they don’t have to be hardwired, they are easy to install and maintain for do-it-yourself yard projects.

Another little touch that adds a lot of welcoming charm is to replace an old mailbox with a new one, or paint an existing one.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

Add Some Personal Touches in the Kitchen

Cabinets Are an Easy Do-It-Yourself Task

One of the easiest touches you can do to upgrade your kitchen is to swap out old cabinet knobs and hardware for new ones.

It’s a fast fix that will amaze you. Of course, before you add the fresh new hardware, you will probably want to refinish or paint. Otherwise, the new handle pulls will really draw out the contrast of an old drawer or cabinet door, pulling the focus of attention on the wrong thing.

While you’re updating hardware, why not install roll outs or other features inside your enclosed spaces to make storage more accessible.

Beautify Counter Tops

Another upgrade that adds value to your overall home as well as turning the kitchen into an enjoyable, usable space is to change out the counter tops.

If granite is out of the question, you can still get a nice finishing touch by selecting an affordable stone that looks great or by tiling or refinishing the tops of surfaces in the kitchen.

Also, adding a nice back splash will help make your counter tops pop.

Make Your Bathroom More Usable

Start with the Sink

Replacing a vanity top in the bathroom is a nice way to get quality stone, like granite, without going overboard on cost like you would if you were to replace an entire kitchen counter.

Get creative, and add your own personal touches by choosing a new vanity cabinet as well. Install one pre-made, or come up with your own refurnishing ideas by modifying a dresser or other pieces of furniture to turn it into a nice base for the sink.

It’s amazing how much this will personalise a small space at a much less cost than buying new. Instead, spend a bit of your money on the fixtures.

Select and install new faucets and cabinetry handles and hardware which will make your bathroom look upgraded and fresh.

Add Color and Accessorise

Some fantastic diy home project ideas start with adding a fresh coat of paint to the walls. Make sure you use mold-resistant paint that will stand up to moisture in the bathroom.

Since the space is usually smaller than other rooms in the house, the expense of a can of paint is going to be affordable. If you want, select one wall to wallpaper or even to add tile to as a subtle accent. Don’t forget to accessorise with items that may seem insignificant but go far in adding value to the overall look of the room.

Special touches like simply adding a focal point of a unique mirror on the wall over the vanity adds a lot of style.

Shed Some New Light

Another subtle but very important touch in the bathroom is to shed some new light on the area.

Add track lighting, change out an old, dingy, outdated ceiling fixture, or simply change the type of light bulbs you use.

You will be surprised at how the extra brightness makes the small bathroom appear larger.

Check with an expert before you begin a renovation project

Personalise Your Bedroom

Organize and Add Personal Accessories

The bedroom is the one spot in the house that should be a respite, a haven for rest and a quiet corner for relaxing or reading a book and for sleeping.

Start by organizing the closets with closet organizers. Next, clear any clutter and purchase fresh bed linens, a quilt or comforter.

If space allows, add a sitting area where you can sip tea and reflect on the day. Ideally, position the sitting area near a window where you will be able to enjoy natural lighting and outdoor scenery.

Regardless of whether or not the sitting area is feasible, don’t forget the windows. Change drapes for new ones, or get crafty and creative by adding special touches to your windows. Brighten up your room by swapping out lighting fixtures for new ones.

Extend to the Back Yard

Patios Extend Living Space to the Outside

A nice place to extend your living space and take in some fresh air includes DIY home project ideas with a backyard patio. If you already have one, make sure you keep it well maintained.

One simple touch is to power wash the patio or deck. If the day is cold or cloudy and rainy making it impossible to enjoy your outdoor space, replace your windows for a crisp, clear view and sweet upgrade to your home. Adding a canopy or fire pit in the backyard also makes the space enjoyable.

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